What is fondant?

Fondant is a sweet dough-like product that can be rolled flat or shaped sculpted into solid pieces .  The flavor of fondant is similar to marshmallow, however flavoring can be added.

Why is fondant used on cakes?

Fondant can be rolled smooth to cover a cake giving it a beautiful finished look.  It can also be used for sculpting embellishments.  While some people enjoy eating fondant, however it is very sweet.  Typically when the cake is served the fondant is peeled away.  The moist cake has been protected under the fondant.

Do I have to have fondant on my cake because I love frosting?

When fondant is used the cake is still frosted.  The fondant is just the protective cover.

What cake flavors are available?

We can make anything you’d like.  We are continually working on new flavors!

Our standard flavors are:  chocolate, vanilla, banana, lemon, blackberry, pumpkin, snickerdoodle

Our specialty flavors are:  S’more, Chocolate Salted Carmel, Raspberry Cheese Cake, Lemon Meringue, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Cookies and Cream

Do you make gluten-fee or vegan cakes?

Yes, we can cater to any special requirements.

What is a cake bite?

Cake Bites are a fun way to get your cake fix and enjoy a variety of flavors.  They could be compared to “cake-pops” without the stick.  They are a small finger food available in a variety of flavors.  Click here to find out more about ordering Bake Bites for your next even.

What is a mini-cake?

These are a 1 – 2 serving size cake.  Typically 2” x 4”.  Available in all our cake flavors.  Mini-cakes are as beautiful as our full size cakes.  Why just serve a slice of cake to your guests?  Serve an individual cake to everyone!  Click here to find out more about ordering Bake Bites for your next even.

I’m getting married and am on a tight budget.  Do you have any suggestions for low cost ways to make my cake beautiful?

Weddings are expensive and everyone wants a memorable cake.  If your budget doesn’t allow for a custom cake design consider this cost effective idea.  Purchase a simple sheet cake from the supermarket and decorate it with beautifully made sugar flowers.  They can be made in any style and color.  Click here to see our gallery.

What are sugar flowers made from?

Sugar flowers are handmade one petal at a time from gumpaste.  Don’t worry, it’s not “gum”.  Gumpaste is a dough-like paste similar to fondant, that can be worked and shaped into delicate pieces which dry very hard and fragile.  Theses flower are eatable, they aren’t very favorable but they are beautiful.


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Absolutely love the cake that was made for my boyfriend! The design was on point and the flavor was amazingly delicious!
~ Maria

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The cake was delicious and looked just how we had hoped it would. We really appreciated the delivery as well. You are our new go to person for cakes! Thank you
~ Heather

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ My cake looked just like the picture. It was amazing! Cupcakes were delicious, great flavor. Cake and cupcakes were moist and fluffy. Highly recommend using Kay cakes. Great communication and easy bill pay.

~ April